XtendOvite Heart Tonic


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Approved by Health Canada as Effective and Safe

 Traditional use of these herbs indicate that they may help:

    • improve circulation.
    • Relieve Angina Pain.
    • Improve oxygen and blood flow to the heart and brain.
    • Normalize Cholesterol.
    • Normalize Blood Pressure.
    • Warm cold hands and feet. 

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Ingredients: Cayenne, Garlic, Hawthorne, Valerian, Milk Thistle, Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry.

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What people are saying

Great product! It has brought my BP from mid 150s over 80-90 to mid 130s over mid 80s (along with diet and exercise) in just the past couple months. Excellent, thank you! David

“Once again thank you for your product. My acid re-flux has really improved, together with my thumb joints, the pain has gone and I am able to grip things much better. My friend has peripheral arterial disorder (PAD) and their lower legs were hurting and a red color, but thankfully there is already a significant improvement.” Kind regards    Janice

* Garlic can help stomach ailments by killing yeast, yet thanks to fermented Sauerkraut (with just cabbage and salt, no wine or vinegar) most people find just a fork full when needed works for hours.

“My legs would just ache when I walked about a half a kilometer, but since taking Xtendovite, that has disappeared now. The pads behind my toes would burn and I had burning just above my knee and my doctor said that was because I was Diabetic. I haven’t had that in about a month or so. I had listened to your program on the radio and the different people said that five to six months before you really know the changes and that’s about what it takes. Now I can walk to the store and back and my legs aren’t sore.” Ken

What Really Happened with Michael Rivero

XtendOvite is now available from Amazon

Click here to order Xtendovite Capsules now
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Click here to order Xtendovite now

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